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Mundo, a Legal Certified Translation company

200 million people speak Arabic as their first language. This makes Arabic the 4th most widely spoken language in the world. It’s an official language in over 20 countries . Mundo Translation offers fast and reliable translations between Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and many other languages.

Trusted UAE Legal Certified Translations

Mundo is a Legal Certified Translation company accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice. Mundo has provided certified legal translations for individuals and businesses in UAE since 2012. Our team is made up of highly-skilled translators with years of experience translating official government documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, medical records and other documents issued from government agencies or public institutions in Arabic.

How do we guarantee high quality translations?

We’re committed to providing accurate translations and uphold high standards when it comes to legal translation. To ensure that our quality is always in check, we have an internal team of in-house translators as well as editors who work alongside trained linguists from native countries.

Common Mistakes in UAE legal certified translation

A LEGAL certified translation is different than others in aspects. In particular, it requires an extra care during translation because even a small mistake could be severe. This is why professionals specializing in legal translation are needed to accurately translate a document or text from one language to another.

Benefits of using Mundo’s legal certified translation services

Mundo offers legal certified translation services to law firms, government and private institutions. Our team is backed with vast industry experience. Mundo prides itself on delivering high quality translations within set time frames while being cost effective. Their professional team strives to maintain client satisfaction through exceptional customer service practices.

Why choose us to translate your documents?

With quality and time-saving as our key aim, we have built up a team who are efficient and understand your needs. Besides our knowledge in various languages, we also have in-depth knowledge of all types of legal documents. When you choose us to translate your documents, you can be assured that no detail will be missed and every document will be handled with care. We also ensure that all translations are delivered to you on time while maintaining complete confidentiality.

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