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At Mundo, we are a group of translators specialized in giving accurate and precise translations. We have a reputation for being the best translation agency in the UAE.

Different Types of Translation

Legal Translation

Mundo is a Legal Translation company Approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice. Legal translation in the context of submitting official documents in the UAE, refers to what is sometimes known as “official“, “attested” or “sworn” translations in other parts of the world.

Certified Translation

Mundo offers translations from and into English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Russian, etc. We are always available to provide you with the accurate and certified translation of an official document that might be required on your behalf by any Act or Ministry.

Document Translation

Mundo team is a group of linguistically fluent, technically accurate, and culturally competent document translation service providers to the world’s leading companies in engineering, medical, financial, technology, legal, automotive, and manufacturing industries.

Reviewing & Proofreading

Mundo has over 10 years combined experience in editing and translating. Our reviewers are native speakers, which means a text will be reviewed thoroughly, accurately and faster than any machine can. Our proofreaders will always pay attention to the context of your content.

Translation Process

Receipt Of The File
Have a document that needs to be translated? We’re here for your translation services. Email anytime!
Submission Of The Quotation
Upon receipt of your file, Our operation manager will evaluate it and send you a quotation in a timely manner.
Once we receive the confirmation from the client, We start working on the project.
Our professional translators prepare your translation and make it ready before the deadline.
We review, correct, and proofread your file. We check for errors and make your sentences sound good.
Delivery Of The File
once the file is ready, we arrange with the client to deliver the file.

Why Mundo is the best Translation company in UAE?

We Guarantee Full Confidentiality

Your personal information is encrypted, protected, and never shared with a third-party.

Human Translation Only

We use only human translation from native speakers with expertise in specific fields.

Experts with International Certifications

As a team, our translators meet standard international certifications that guarantee accurate and top-quality translations.

We Deliver No Matter What the Format

Whatever your formatting needs for translation, we’ll try to find expertise to meet them.

Mundo is your all-in-one translation partner to do business globally.

You need more than a translation agency. Mundo’s language services help you address different aspects of your linguistic visibility. We deliver 100% accurate, human-powered translations customized for your business goals.


Our Services


We offer a variety of services.


High-quality human translation provided in a short turnaround time.


Native-speaking experts help to achieve global success with accurate localization.


Top-notch, on-demand interpretation services for any industry, in any language! 


Accurately transcribed audio and video recordings by industry experts.

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