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If your AirPods are paired but not connected, your devices may not be updated with the latest OS/firmware. If you do not have a Microsoft account, make sure you do so in the Settings of your computer. Your Bluetooth device will show up if it’s in the pairing mode. After you have enabled Bluetooth, you cannot use the other Bluetooth devices directly with your computer. Only the paired devices will be able to connect.

  • Unlike Freecam, Camtasia works with not only YouTube but also other popular video streaming sites like Vimeo.
  • For users of Windows Vista, Windows 7, & Windows 8 Home and Home Premium, please use method 4.
  • Close or minimize other applications to avoid accidentally capturing the wrong one.
  • So make sure to give your PC a soft reboot and check to see if any updates are available.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on the new OS sooner. By signing up for the Windows Insider Program, you can download a preview build and begin enjoying Windows 11 now if your PC meets the minimum system requirements. These builds are considered previews for a reason and often have bugs and missing features that are still being developed, however. Be sure to back up your PC before completing the upgrade.


This windows screen recorder tool has numerous modes for capturing videos. Screen recording software lets you capture your screen to share with others, create product-related videos, tutorials, lessons, demo, YouTube videos, and more. These software enables you to record videos from webcam and screen. In theSources section, you can choose what sources to record video and audio from.

Go to your Bluetooth settings and select Add Bluetooth or other device. Reset the Bluetooth device you’re trying to pair. Turn off your Bluetooth device you are attempting to connect, wait a few seconds, then turn it on again. If your Bluetooth isn’t working, try updating your drivers or resetting the device.

The prompt will give you an option to Register. By the way, you do not need to reinstall your Windows installation to upgrade from Home to Pro edition. You can use the Microsoft Store to buy the Pro edition license. The one-time upgrade to Windows 10 Pro edition will cost $99. We expect similar pricing for Go to Site Windows 11 as well.

What We’ve Noticed about the Game Bar Feature

When you finish your live stream, click Stop or use the assigned hotkey. You can add an overlay as a BMP, GIF, PNG, or JPG image to your video during a recording. Examples of video overlays include logos or watermarks. After the selection is made, you can record it by clicking the record button. The HitPaw Screen Recorder for Mac, unlike the Windows version, does not have a record iPhone or iPad option. Having a webcam will fix this problem for you.

Thus, these are some of the ways to change your password when you have a local account. Type Windows key + I to open the Windows settings app. That’s all the information on how to change administrator in Windows 11. If you need to change administrator user, try one of these methods above to easily perform the task.

Now that your devices are joined to a PAN, you can transfer files between them, print to a Bluetooth printer, and so on. Read the following two sections to find out how to do this. Download Windows sets up a connection between the two devices. As you install devices and join devices to a Bluetooth PAN, you see the names of those devices listed on that screen. To see how the same device looks in Device Manager, show the desktop and press Windows+X.

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