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Mundo can help your business or project reach a wider audience. Our professional team of transcribers, subtitlers, and voice-over artists can translate your script into any language you need, as well as help you with the writing process.


Audiovisual Services


We’re a team of transcriptionists and linguists, ready to transcribe anything you need. We provide high-quality services that are regularly verified by happy customers. Our professional transcriptionists are trained in all transcription services because we know that all projects are different and require different levels of expertise.


With our expert subtitling team, we have the talent and experience you need to make your story come alive for all audiences. With our network of 10,000+ professional linguists, we can ensure accurate and timely translations in any language and from any source. We’re ready to help your global audience experience your creative vision.


As a leader in the industry, we offer the best professional voice over services across the globe. We work with experienced and professional native voice over actors, providing you with a consistent, high quality, and fast service. Whether you’re looking to record an audio book or launch a company podcast, we can help.

Transcription Services – The Right One for You

There are three types of transcription services. What you need depends on the purpose and intended audience for your transcription.

Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim transcriptions are comprised of every word of a dictation. This includes filler words such as “um,” “er,” and “uh.” It also lists moments of laughter, throat clearing, pauses, incomplete sentences, and any other noise made in the communication process.

Intelligent Transcription

Intelligent transcripts omit filler words, such as “um” and “uh,” as well as sounds that don’t relay the meaning of the message. With an intelligent transcription service, light editing is performed on the final product to correct grammatical errors and finish incomplete sentences.

Edited Transcription

Edited transcriptions are often used when creating a transcription. Edited transcriptions receive edits that present the final document in a clear, easily readable, and formal format. A translated document may also be restructured to make sense in the target language.

Why Mundo is a Reliable Company?

We Use Only Human Transcription

Every transcribed document is proofread by an editor with expertise in the specific field of the order

We Guarantee Full Confidentiality

Your personal information is encrypted, protected, and never shared with a third-party.

Internationally Certified Experts

Our professionals meet international certification standards for accurate and reliable translations.

Quick delivery

Here at Mundo we are fast. We can help you get the work done in a hurry, because several experts can work on your project at once.

Importance of High-Quality Transcription

We provide the best online transcription services on the market, and for that reason, most of our clients use us exclusively for all of their transcription and translation needs. Our transcription assistance is a key part of the success of any project.


Our Services


We offer a variety of services.


High-quality human translation provided in a short turnaround time.


Native-speaking experts help to achieve global success with accurate localization.


Top-notch, on-demand interpretation services for any industry, in any language! 


Accurately transcribed audio and video recordings by industry experts.

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